All Catered events must be planned and confirmed with Event Management and the catering office at least 7 days prior to the event. Commons Meals must be confirmed 7 days prior to the event. Student-based Board Plan Replacement (BPR) dinners require a fourteen (14) day notice. In some cases, it is possible to accommodate events with shorter notice at the discretion of Events Management and/or Catering management.

Service Styles


Menu Selections at middcatering.catertrax.com

• Buffet Table (food in chafers/platters/bowls)

• Separate table for self-serve beverages and desserts

• Attendants are provided at a Middlebury Catered buffet style dinner event with a minimum of 25 guests. The ratio of server to guest will be determined at the discretion of the catering manager.

A La Carte meals DO NOT include attendants.

Served Meal

 Menu selections at middcatering.catertrax.com

• Complete table set-up with complete service

• Attendants are provided at a Middlebury Catered plated and served meal with a minimum of 25 guests. The ratio of server to guest will be determined at the discretion of the catering manager. Served meals will require additional service staff. There will be an  hourly charge for staff that are scheduled in addition to the standard number of staff required for a buffet.  Staffing will be determined at the discretion of the catering manager with the customer's best interest in mind.

• A precise count of each entrée item is requested at minimum of (5) days prior to the event


• Beer and wine service as well as non-alcoholic beverage selections may be added to an event.  

• We strictly adhere to the Vermont Department of Liquor Control Laws.

• Separate charges for alcohol service will apply to any event where there is alcohol. The hourly charge for bartenders will be $25 and there will be a minimum of $100 for an event where alcohol is served (charges for bartenders, wine service, attendants, and crowd control, may apply)

• All alcohol must be ordered through Middlebury Catering.

• Under no circumstances may a customer supply their own alcohol (BYOB) is not legal at any catered event.

Drop-off Events

• Persons hosting an  unstaffed “drop-off” event, will assume responsibility for all Middlebury Catering equipment.  Charges for any missing equipment will be billed to the sponsoring department or group. Middlebury Catering will pick up equipment. We are not  responsible for providing and setting up tables for drop-off events. It is the responsibility of the customer  to provide adequate table space to accommodate the order.  Please dicuss the needs with our catering team if you are not sure how much space is needed.

• A service fee of $25 will be charged to the customer’s index account for each event

• Orders may be delivered up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled service time. We will always make our best effort to pick up as close to the requested pick up time as possible. If timing is critical with regard to pick up time, please specify.

Additional Details

Linen, china, flatware, and glassware is available for an additional fee when using Middlebury Catering. (customers may use our daily-use plates, cups, and flatware at no additional cost if your event is in Proctor, Ross, or Atwater). We are happy to provide our upgraded compostable plates at our cost. Please inquire regarding options.  Our everyday compostable wares may be included at no additional charge.

  • Full China service on location at Atwater or Kirk: $2.50 per person
    Glassware and B&B plates: $1.50 per person
    Glassware only - $1 per person

  • Offsite China Service:  $5.00 per person
    Glassware and B&B plates:  $2.50 per person
    Glassware only:  $1.50 per person

  • Linen rental is available. Keep in mind additional linen charges may accrue due to linen coverage of bar tables, registration tables, and cocktail high tops. Please refer to CaterTrax for pricing. Our catering team is happy to advise regarding table linen coverage.

  • Centerpieces or decorations are not included in our pricing however we will gladly support, to a modest degree, at an additional cost.

  • When there is a request for a meal to be plated and served there will be a fee for the additional staff required to implement this style of service.

  • When service or attendants are requested at an event that would typically be considered a “drop off” there will be an additional fee.

  • Please do not remove any Middlebury Catering supplies or equipment. If supplies are removed, your department will be charged the replacement cost. 

  • All equipment sent out with catered events will be picked up immediately following the event or the following day.

  • For health and safety reasons, no perishable food may be removed from a facility where a catered event is held.  

 Final Guest Counts  

A final guest count guarantee is required 5 days prior to your event. If there is no request for an adjustment, the customer will be charged for the original guest count or the number of guests in attendance, if that number is higher.

 Cancelled Events

All cancellations must be made 5 days prior to the event. Events cancelled with less than the required notice may be subject to costs incurred. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to full payment. The customer must notify both the catering manager and Event Management of cancelled events.


Customer Order Confirmation

When your order has been processed, you will receive a notification via email from Catertrax. Please take a few minutes to review the document and make sure all the details align with the requested specifications (e.g., time, guest count, location, date, special dietary requests, quantities, index number).


Your event may require additional planning, and we are available to discuss any detail. Contact us to discuss service style, timing, flowers, decorations, and any other elements that we might support.

 Catering manager: Megyn Pitner at mpitner@middlebury.edu or 802-443-5959

Rentals outside of Middlebury Catered Events

Middlebury Catering regrets that it does not have the resources to allow people or organizations that are not associated with a Middlebury College catered event to borrow or rent our linen or equipment for off campus or personal purposes.

When resourses allow we are happy to support student groups by lending Cambros and other minimal equipment but it must be accounted for in CaterTrax for inventory purposes.

Linen may be rented for on campus use for events that are not catering at the "Linen Only" rates.

Middlebury Catering at Bread Loaf Campus

Bread Loaf offers an alternative to the main campus dining venues during the academic year. It boasts of being the home to the Summer School Programs during the months of June, July and August. Bread Loaf Campus is an extension of our main campus, and our Event Planning and Catering policies and procedures extend to this campus as well with a few variations.  Any event held at Bread Loaf requires a minimum guest count of 50.

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