Middlebury Catering services are opening up this Fall semester with some limitations.   

Please submit your requests as soon as you are able to determine whether or not we will be able to serve you.  

If you receive a message indicating that you may not place an order we may have reached our maximum capacity for the day.  Please reach out via email to double check with us.

The campus status web page is an important resource for planning your events. 

 And as always be sure to book your space and make arrangements for equipment through the Event Management office.   

Please do not hesitate to reach out:  

Catering Manager: Megyn Pitner at mpitner@middlebury.edu or 802-443-5959

Catering Coordinator: Deb Mallott at dmallott@middlebury.edu or 802-443-5914

The Middlebury Catering Team looks forward to serving you.  

Please refer to the "Policy Page" tab to the left for complete policy and guidelines for planning a catered event.

First Steps:  

Reserve Space, Furniture and Equipment

Prior to contacting Middlebury Catering please confirm your space reservation with the Department of Event Management. A request for reserving space may be made here.

For audio and visual equipment please contact ITS through the HelpDesk at 802-443-2200

Event Management will assist with arrangements for tables, chairs and other necessary equipment.

After Space Confirmation:

CaterTrax - Online Ordering

Please review our online ordering system at https://middcatering.catertrax.com 

It is important that the customer use CaterTrax to communicate with the catering team so that we can ensure accurate tracking of changes and updates. 

Once you have become a customer through CaterTrax, you will be able to create new orders and request adjustments for upcoming orders. You will have the ability to view your order history at any time, which can be helpful for future planning as well as record keeping. Requests for linen, china and glassware are also made through CaterTrax.

We are happy to assist you become familiar with the process as a new customer. 

Please contact us at catering@middlebury.edu with any questions.
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